August 2015


All Saints Church Profile


Our Mission Statement


Our Mission as All Saints Church, Ammanford is to create:


  • A Community Church that welcomes all members of our community and encourages worship.
  • To share witness with the Christian community in our area
  • To create a focal center that provides support, facilities and opportunities to all members of our community, without exception
  • To open our doors to a variety of uses in response to public consultation and work with community agencies to improve the well being of the members of our community, ensuring total inclusion.

Target areas


Exciting proposals for the church outline key target areas


  • To create a multi - purpose, quality community facility,adapted to maximize the available space for a wider range of community rooms and uses.
  • To continue to provide a community facility suitable for large congregations and audiences i.e. services, concerts and entertainment.
  • To continue to provide a place of regular worship in a more purposeful, welcoming environment.
  • To undertake the necessary repair works to ensure public safety in compliance with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Providing a meeting space with appropriate kitchen facilities to produce light refreshments, Disabled and Mother & Baby facilities..
  • Opportunities to increasing opening hours.

Target beneficiaries

In order to realize our Vision Statement, an experienced and established Project Team of 12 members was formed,each with a designated role and responsibility. The team recognized that All Saints Church needed to be proactive and readily adapt to change in order to expand.

Following extensive community consultation,it was agreed that the Project was viable. Plans were drawn up and displayed to the public. Thanks to local media support,this attracted enquiries and also support in letters from present users and new users in the community

It is hoped the refurbishment will breathe new life back into the church and create a vibrant, sustainable facility that would support the needs of an area that includes the Communities First Area of Pantyffynnon


The result of our project will enable us to contribute to the Welsh Government plan of building resilient communities, taking forward their plan of tackling poverty,health and well being and life long learning action plan.



Please contact Peter Pemberton on this web site.